Easter Preparations

Easter is a good holiday for my personality. It helps me cope with issues I have with stains. Egg dying is messy and permanent. My kids usually do this project half nude. Also, why do we dress our kids up in super cute clothes that are nearly white and make them hunt eggs in the freshly thawed yards. Thats just asking them to roll in the mud, which if you know Ellie, thats a strong possibility.

Seriously though, I love Easter and all that comes with it. Just another reason to gather with my family and eat delicious food. Don’t forget the reason for the season.

My mom loves to spoil the kids so of course we need a practice easter egg hunt along with planting jelly beans in hopes that lolly pops will take their place. Also, I somehow managed to only have my nephew Mason and Henry dying eggs with me this year. This allowed me to actually enjoy dying eggs because they both were quite delicate in dying and removing the eggs from the cups. I really cherish these little moments with them.

More to come,



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