Still Celebrating Christmas

We finally completed our last Christmas celebration. Bittersweet. Love the holiday but glad its over. We got to close the season with my Dad’s family. It was so nice to see them all. We have all been so busy that we hadn’t seen most of them since before we moved or even longer. Needless to say this was way past do all around. We exchanged presents, enjoyed a delicious breakfast and most of all the weather was gorgeous! We enjoyed an amazing day on my parents pond. (I just realized writing this that we forgot to invite Bobby G to partake in the ice festivities. He wanted us to call the next time we went out. Sorry Bobby!) We experimented blowing the pond off with a leaf blower this year. We also used it to blow people across the ice on their skates. Hehe. The day was so beautiful with the sun shinning and the smooth ice. We were surrounded by family and good conversations. Here’s a little bit of our last Christmas on the ice.

More to come,


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