Another weekend

So we are back from another weekend spent with family. I love them, but it’s always great to be back home.

I love being home with my little family. I feel very selfish because I don’t have obligations to anyone else while I’m here. I just enjoy us and focus on the little ones.

Our weekend involved a little Christmas cookie action, visiting santa, witnessing our nephews baptism and so much fun with family per the norm.

We had one last stop on the way back home. Matt has a very difficult time passing up little Christmas villages. He is very bummed that we won’t be able to make it to Frankenmuth before Christmas (which you all know is one of our most favorite places) so I just couldn’t say no, even though I could hear my bed calling me. haha. I truly do love that about him. I’m so glad that we stopped too, we got to visit Santa. For free! Isn’t that how it should be?

more to come,


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